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Prof. Bruner on the Changing Face of Money

Christopher BrunerProfessor Christopher M. Bruner, Associate Professor of Law and Ethan Allen Faculty Fellow, recently published his article, The Changing Face of Money, Boston University’s Review of Banking and Financial Law.

In this article, Professor Bruner argues that widespread failure to comprehend the intrinsic nature of modern money loomed large in the recent financial and economic crisis, and that broader comprehension of its meaning is a precondition for effective post-crisis reforms. Prof. Bruner begins by providing a brief history of money, emphasizing its gradual divergence from inherent value. He then considers the value of today’s dollar in economic, legal, and psychological terms, arguing that each perspective conveys a single over-arching lesson – that better comprehending our money requires better comprehending ourselves. He argues that the introspection of this exercise will reveal with unique clarity some of the critical lessons of the crisis and its aftermath.

You can find Prof. Bruner’s article on SSRN here.

Congratulations to Professor Bruner on this accomplishment.

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