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Prof. Wilson on LGBT Civil Rights

Robin WilsonLast Tuesday, April 26, Professor Robin Wilson, the Class of 1958 Law Alumni Professor of Law, was a panelist for a New York City Bar forum, titled “Reconciling Rights: Balancing Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Civil Rights with First Amendment Religious Protections.”

Professor Wilson discussed marriage rights, including her proposal for religious exemptions that she presented to the Maryland Legislature during testimony. Her co-panelist at the event was Maryland senator Jamie Raskin, who sponsored a Bill that embraced the idea of exemptions and adopted some of Professor Wilson’s proposals. Prof. Wilson also described the proposed exemptions, addressing why she believed the exemptions are needed, how she saw them operating, the impact they would have on gay and lesbian couples, and the impact they might have on other types of couples who might be subject to religious objections, like interracial couples or interfaith couples.

Congratulations to Professor Wilson.

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