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Call for Papers: 2013 Law + Informatics Symposium on Labor and Employment Issues

The Northern Kentucky Law Review and Salmon P. Chase College of Law seek submissions for the Law + Informatics Symposium on February 15, 2013. The focus of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary review of issues involving privacy, data aggregation, security, communications, social media management and related topics affecting the legal and business practices involving labor and employment law. The symposium is an opportunity for academics, practitioners, consultants, and students to exchange ideas and explore emerging issues in informatics law as it applies to working conditions and employment practices. Interdisciplinary presentations are encouraged.

TOPICS: Authors and presenters are invited to submit proposals on topics such as the following:

– Application of the Americans with Disabilities Act
– Federal/state employment regulations regarding privacy
– HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, GLBA & other sector-specific privacy issues
– EU & global privacy laws & policies
– Bioinformatics in the workplace
– Data mining of employee information
– Social media and political change

Collective Bargaining
– Use of informatics tools for collective bargaining
– Collective bargaining positions on internet usage, data aggregation and social media
– Online dispute resolution
– Ownership of databases & data
– Contracting & enforcement of agreements over sharing of data
– Assessment of significant commercial expansions of informatics practices affecting public expectations & norms

Social Media
– Employee discipline for internet and social media use
– NLRB responses to social media
– Use of social media in employee screening
– Implications for privacy and discrimination lawsuits

Training and Security
– Gamification in training
– Computer security
– Data protection & obligations regarding data breaches
– Data reliability, including people’s rights to review & correct collected data
– Retraining and employee obsolecense

Other Issues
– Discrimination and access to public and semi-public information
– Employee ownership of intellectual property and data information
– Post-termination obligations of employers and employees
– Employee contracting and end user license agreements
– Global issues for similarly situated employees in multiple jurisdictions

– Please submit materials to
– Submission Deadline for Abstracts: October 1, 2012
– Submission Deadline for Articles: February 1, 2013
– Symposium Date: February 15, 2013

Law Review Published Article: The Northern Kentucky Law Review will review, edit and publish submissions in the 2013 Spring Symposium issue. Articles, as well as case studies and abstracts of research in progress, will be considered for the symposium program for presentation purposes. Only complete articles, however, will be published in the law review. Abstracts for these papers will be due no later than the October 1, 2012 deadline and will be accepted on a rolling basis until that time.

PRESENTATIONS (WITHOUT PUBLICATION) BASED ON ABSTRACTS: The Northern Kentucky Law Review will review and select presentations for the symposium. If you are interested in presenting without submitting a publishable article, an abstract of the presentation must be submitted by the October 1, 2012 deadline and will be accepted on a rolling basis until that time.

ABOUT THE LAW AND INFORMATICS INSTITUTE: The Law + Informatics Institute at Chase College of Law provides a critical interdisciplinary approach to the study, research, scholarship, and practical application of informatics, focusing on the regulation and utilization of information – including its creation, acquisition, aggregation, security, manipulation and exploitation – in the fields of intellectual property law, privacy law, evidence (regulating government and the police), business law, and international law.

Through courses, symposia, publications and workshops, the Law + Informatics Institute encourages thoughtful public discourse on the regulation and use of information systems, business innovation, and the development of best business practices regarding the exploitation and effectiveness of the information and data systems in business, health care, media, and entertainment, and the public sector.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information please contact:
– Professor Jon Garon, Symposium Faculty Sponsor: or 859.572.5815
– Lindsey Jaeger, Director of Centers and Institutes Administration: or 859.572.7853
– Brad Andress, Symposium Editor: or 812.343.6822

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