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Fellowship Announcement: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Visiting Fellowships

The sponsor provides fellowships for persons already established in their own areas of activity who are undertaking work within the fields covered by or adjacent to the Institute’s own research programmes. The fellowships are not confined to academic lawyers but are equally open to scholars of other disciplines working in relevant fields and to practising lawyers or judges with scholarly projects to pursue.

Sponsor:  Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Sponsor Type:  Professional/Academic Assoc & Soc.
Contact:  Eliza Boudier
Address:  Charles Clore House

17 Russell Square

London WC1B 5DR,

United Kingdom

Tel:  020 7862 5859
Fax:  020 7862 5850
Program URL:

Deadline(s): 01/31/2013

Link to full program description:

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