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Professor Franck Presents at American Society of International Law Conference

Prof. Susan Franck
Prof. Susan Franck

The American Society of International Law’s International Economic Law Interest Group recently held its Biennial Conference, “Reconceptualizing International Economic Law: Bridging the Public/Private Divide” this past weekend.  See

In connection with that, W&L Law Professor Susan Franck moderated a panel entitled “New Theoretical Approaches to International Economic Law” that drew insights from U.S. dispute resolution theory, constitutional law, international public goods law and international political theory.  Professor Franck also presented at a panel on “Social Science Approaches to International Economic Law.”  The panel, which contained other scholars from University of Virginia, Cornell and Columbia, considered how social science can interact with international economic law phenomenon whether through using international law to generate research hypotheses, using research to inform normative debates, or creating qualitative or quantitative research to offer insights on international law phenomena.  Professor Franck’s paper, “An Evidence Based Approach to International Investment Dispute” focused on how to use insights from cognitive psychology and behavioral economics to provide useful data for the creation of normative reform.

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