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Dean Demleitner, Prof. Moliterno Present at Seton Hall Symposium on Legal Education

Dean Nora Demleitner
Dean Nora Demleitner

Washington and Lee School of Law Dean Nora Demleitner and Prof. Jim Moliterno present at Seton Hall Law School on Oct. 25 as part of a symposium titled “Legal Education Looking Forward.” Panelists at the event will discuss current proposals for revamping, revitalizing, and reestablishing the value of law school. Paulette Brown, President-Elect of the American Bar Association, will deliver the keynote address,

Dean Demleitner is participating in a plenary panel titled “Bold Approaches to Legal Education,” with Dorothy Brown, Vice Provost, Emory; Evan Chesler, chairman, Cravath, and David Lat, Above the Law. Prof. Moliterno is on a breakout panel titled “Law School: What Return(s) on the Investment?”.

Some of the questions the symposium attempts to answer include: Is law school still economically viable? Should it last two years instead of three? Would increasing “skills classes” increase preparedness? Could an apprenticeship program or post-graduate “low bono” service clinic give students a means of building experience in a tough legal market? Do we need the bar exam?

For more information about the event, visit the Seton Hall Symposium website.

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