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Prof. Tim Jost Publishes New Article at Health Affairs

Prof. Tim Jost
Prof. Tim Jost

Washington and Lee law professor Tim Jost has published a new article at Health Affairs,  the leading journal of health policy thought and research. Prof. Jost has published a number of articles at Health Affairs dealing with the debate and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. He is also active on the Health Affairs blog, where his posts have been included among the top-read pieces each year.

His new article is titled “Implementing Health Reform: Four Years Later.” Prof. Jost, a supporter of health care reform, begins the article by acknowledging the troubling launch of the health care reform and asks “How did things go so wrong? Why is there so much bad news? When can we expect the news to get better?”

Going forward, one of the most important challenges facing the ACA will be whether its benefits become apparent quickly and dramatically enough to offset the problems that are currently dominating the news coverage of the health reform law. Even more important may be the question of how much it will matter that the greatest beneficiaries of the ACA are likely to be low-income Americans, who are less likely to be politically active than many of the higher-income Americans who will be adversely affected by higher insurance premiums and taxes.

The article is available by subscription at the Health Affairs website. You can see a collection of Prof. Jost’s blog posts here.

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