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Call for manuscripts: International Journal of Economics (IJE)

Call for manuscripts: May 2014

Submission deadline: April 25, 2014

Dear Colleague

International Journal of Economics (IJE), published by MIR Center for Socio-Economic Research, Maryland, USA, aims at covering theoretical and empirical research that span the entire range of macroeconomics and microeconomics with especial focus on emerging and global growth corridors like Africa, Australia, BRIICS, Eastern Europe, Far East, Latin American, MENA, Middle East, South Asia, and South East Asia. IJE strongly believes that making significant policy contribution foster the sustainable development pace for these regions can only repeal our commitment to global stability and economic growth. The editors welcome the submission of high quality manuscripts with significant policy implications that are concerned with the theoretical or empirical aspects of the following broadly defined area of economics:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Applied Economics in the area of Business and Commerce
  • Development Economics
  • Economics of growth, income, equality and welfare.
  • Econometrics
  • Energy Economics & policy
  • Environmental Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Financial Econometrics
  • International Finance
  • International Economics
  • Industrial Economics
  • Islamic Economics
  • Islamic Finance
  • Labor Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Monetary economics
  • Political Economics
  • Public Finance

IJE  publishes both in online (ISSN 2331-5903) and print (ISSN 2331-589X) version.

Although this call for papers intends to attract quality manuscripts only, young writers and researchers are also especially encouraged to submit their papers. MIR research team will help them in improving the quality of their papers.

Authors Guidelines for Submission and Paper Formatting: Click here

Peer review process: Click here

Important dates:

  1. Submission deadline for full paper: 25th April, 2014.  Please click here to open an account and submit your paper or send the paper to our support team at if you find dificculties.
  2. Notification of decision of internal and external reviewers: Within two weeks of Submission date (within one week for fast track submission)
  3. Publication of Vol. 02, Issue 02, 2014 by 20th May 2014.
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