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Professor Shannon Publishes in Cardozo Law Review

Prof. Victoria Shannon
Prof. Victoria Shannon

Washington and Lee law professor Victoria Shannon published a new article in the Cardozo Law Review.  The article, Harmonizing Third-Party Litigation Funding Regulation, appears in volume 36, issue 3.

Download the full article here.

From the abstract:

Third-party litigation funding is no longer a new phenomenon, but rather is a mainstay in global commerce and dispute resolution. Yet many observers still consider the third-party litigation funding industry as a “wild west” due to a lack of regulation in many countries. Some of the countries that have regulations suffer from a lack of uniformity and an array of conflicting laws at the sub-national level (i.e., the laws of states, provinces, territories, etc.). For example, the United States has a confusing patchwork of state laws on third-party litigation funding. This Article proposes harmonizing the regulatory framework for third-party litigation funding in the United States by identifying the three categories of interactions— transactional, procedural, and ethical—that make up third-party litigation funding, and suggesting avenues for regulation within those three categories. This approach will weave a regulatory “safety net” of minimum standards for the behaviors and interactions of the players in third-party litigation funding arrangements to ensure the integrity of the dispute resolution system in which they invest and participate.


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