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Professor Parella Hosts Roundtable on Private Governance

Prof. Kish Vinayagamoorthy
Prof. Kish Parella

On October 13-14, 2016, Professor Kish Parella hosted a roundtable on private governance that examined the ways that private actors fulfill regulatory functions regarding the environmental and social impact of corporations in society.

The participants were Natasha Affolder (UBC Allard School of Law), Evan Criddle (William & Mary Law School), Sarah Haan (Idaho), Virginia Harper Ho (University of Kansas School of Law), and Michael Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt Law School).

Over two days, the roundtable participants presented works-in-progress and shared feedback on a variety of governance strategies.  The roundtable was supported by the Frances Lewis Law Center and the Transnational Law Institute at Washington and Lee School of Law.

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