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Prof. Russ Miller Presents on Free Speech at Cato Institute

miller photo
Prof. Russell Miller

Washington and Lee law professor Russ Miller participated in a Cato Institute panel on April 18 titled “What Europe Can Teach the United States about Free Speech.” In addition to Miller, the panel discussion featured  Jacob Mchangama, Director, Justitia (Copenhagen) and was moderated by  John Samples, Vice President, Cato Institute.

From the program description: “After three decades of constant gains, global respect for free speech has been in decline since 2004. In the recent past even Europe’s liberal democracies have contributed to the decline by adopting increasingly restrictive measures in the name of national security, the countering of hate speech, and, most recently, standing against “fake news.” Does Europe’s model of “militant democracy” offer promising lessons for embattled democracies or a dangerous abandonment of first principles? Should the United States follow the European lead or remain true to its exceptional protection for extreme and disturbing speech?”

A video and podcast of the event are available at the Cato Institute website.


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