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W&L Law Faculty Present at SEALS

Several Washington and Lee Law School faculty members participated in panels and discussion groups and presented new papers at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS), which was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL, from August 5-11, 2018.  W&L Law Faculty involvement in SEALS included:

  • Professor Sarah Haan moderated a panel on Russian influence in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and its aftermath and participated in a discussion group on corporate governance.
  • Professor Margaret Hu participated in a discussion group on controversial remedies in private and public law, a discussion group on legal education and debate in politically charged times, and a panel on recent Supreme Court decisions and legislative action in the area of individual rights.
  • Professor J.D. King participated in a discussion group on the Warren Court’s impact on criminal justice.
  • Professor Chris Seaman presented a new paper entitled “Non-Compete Agreements and Other Post-Employment Restraints: Empirical Evidence from Trade Secret Litigation,” in a panel on intellectual property and the information ecosystem.
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