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Professor Sam Calhoun’s Article a Top Ten SSRN Download

calhounsamA new article by Washington and Lee law professor Sam Calhoun, published in the Washington and Lee Law Review Online, is a top ten download on SSRN.

The article, “If Separation of Church and State Doesn’t Demand Separating Religion from Politics, Does Christian Doctrine Require It?,” is a response to several reactions to Prof. Calhoun’s earlier paper “Separation Of Church And State: Jefferson, Lincoln, And The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Show It Was Never Intended to Separate Religion From Politics.” 

The response paper is a top ten SSRN download in the following categories:

  • Law & Religion eJournal
  • LSN: Constitutional Creation (Topic)
  • LSN: Public Understanding/Political Process (Topic)
  • PRN: Political Processes, Public Policies, Individual & Social Well-Being (Topic).
  • Law & Society: Courts eJournal
  • PSN: Constitutions & Constitutional Development (Topic).

The article is available for download at SSRN.


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