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Professor Brian Galle on Policy Innovation

In the fifth installment of the Faculty Workshop Series, sponsored by the Frances Lewis Law Center, Professor Brian Galle, Assistant Professor at Boston College Law School, came to speak on October 25 about the current draft of his article, Policy Innovation in Firms and Local & National Governments.

In the article, Professor Galle discusses the various factors that drive innovation and creative policy implementation in local and national governments. He argues because governments don’t retain any property rights in their ideas, they are less likely to innovate, choosing rather to let another government absorb the risk of the idea and then implement it after a successful showing, getting a free-ride. Professor Galle presents the view that if governments contract innovation out to private entities, there can be intellectual property protection to help prevent the free-rider problem. After addressing many of the problems inherent in such a model, Professor Galle suggests that perhaps the most efficient model is to have a centralized government, like the federal government, contract out innovation to the states before implementing them on a national scale. Such a solution helps pool resources from all the states to help fund experiments that would be to the benefit of all the states without forcing an individual state to innovate on its own.

Thanks are due to Professor Galle for coming and presenting is innovative views.

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