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Prof. Johnson on Analytic Memos

Lyman JohnsonProfessor Lyman P. Q. Johnson, the Robert O. Bentley Professor of Law, recently had his article, Techniques to Teach Substance and Skill in Contract Drafting: In-Office Meetings and Analytical Memos, published in Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law.

The short article is based on a talk Prof. Johnson gave at Emory Law School on Transactional Lawyering. One overall pedagogical aim of any transactional course is to link skills training with insistence on in-depth substantive learning about law and business. By doing this, skills training – although acknowledged to be practical – also can be recognized as intellectually demanding. Professor Johnson describes two techniques for making such a connection: in-office meetings and detailed “companion” analytical memos.

The article can be found on SSRN here. A transcript of Prof. Johnson’s presentation at Emory can be found on SSRN here.

Congratulations to Professor Johnson.

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