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AALS Call for Poster Presentations for the 2013 AALS Annual Meeting


To:                   Law Teachers

From:               Jane M. La Barbera

Re:                   Poster Presentation at 2013 AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA

You are invited to submit a proposal for a poster presentation for the 2013 AALS Annual Meeting inNew Orleans, LA (January 4-7, 2013).

Please send your proposal by e-mail to by September 28, 2012. The proposal should state your name, the name of your law school, the Section for which you are submitting, the title of the poster, copy of your static poster in a PDF via email. Your proposal and poster will be sent to the Section Chair and Chair-Elect who will form a Section review committee to determine what posters should be recommended to the AALS Committee on Sections and Annual Meeting, which will make the final selection of all posters.

This is an opportunity to share your work with the larger academic community.   If your Section is not sponsoring posters, you may still submit a poster proposal; the AALS Committee on Sections and Annual Meeting will review it. AALS will notify all posters proposers by November 9th, 2012 if the poster has been selected, and if so, the date, time and location of the poster presentation at the Annual Meeting.

The following AALS Sections are seeking proposals from individuals for poster presentations for the 2013 AALS Annual Meeting:


Academic Support

Balance in Legal Education

Children and the Law

Clinical Legal Education

Environmental Law

Family and Juvenile Law

Law, Medicine and Health Care

Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research

Part-Time Division

Poverty Law

Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities

Teaching Methods

Transactional Law and Skills (Section will give a slight preference to posters focusing on international transactional law or skills.)

Women in Legal Education


Goal of Posters at AALS Annual Meeting

Posters are intended to provide authors an opportunity to present in clear and succinct fashion the thesis and conclusion of their research, to describe teaching innovations or service projects outside formal program presentations. Because the focus is on the content of the research and innovative teaching, posters that are primarily promoting a book, software or materials or a law school program or project are not eligible for poster display unless it is a collaborative program or project of multiple member law schools. Advertising or fliers are not permitted with posters.

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