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Prof. Jim Moliterno Advises EWMI-JILEP Ethics Training Program

Prof. Moliterno
Prof. Moliterno

W&L Law Professor Jim Moliterno recently participated in a workshop sponsored by U.S. AID’s East-West Management Institute to provide legal ethics training to lawyers in the Republic of Georgia.  Prof. Moliterno is the Vincent Bradford Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University School of Law. He has a leadership role in W&L’s third year curriculum reform.

Prof. Moliterno has engaged in substantial international legal ethics and legal education reform work, designing new lawyer and judge ethics courses in Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.  He has trained law professors in China, Thailand, Georgia, Armenia and Serbia.  He has trained judges in Kosove and both judges and prosecutors in Indonesia. He has worked to revise the lawyer ethics code in Thailand and Georgia and lectured extensively on international lawyer ethics topics in Spain, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. He has prepared course materials that are in use in Serbia, Armenia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and China.

Here are the announcements regarding the recent Georgian program:

EWMI-JILEP and Georgian Bar Create Advanced Ethics Training Module 
(published 11/02/2014)


On February 7-8, 2014, EWMI-JILEP sponsored a workshop where members of the Georgian Bar Association (GBA)’s Training Center and selected lawyer-instructors, developed the next generation of lawyers’ ethics training.  While previous courses developed with EWMI-JILEP assistance relied heavily upon hypotheticals created by JILEP ethics expert, Professor James Moliterno, the new training module is based on hypotheticals developed by Georgian lawyers and taken from Georgian legal practice.


Ethical dilemmas covered in the course include problems concerning lawyer-client privilege, conflict of interest, and lawyer advertising.  To give an example, one hypothetical to be used in the course asks if the following advertisement is ethical:

The most experienced lawyers in criminal law will provide you with highly qualified services in the shortest time possible and resolve your case successfully. Contact us via telephone : xxx-xx-xx-xx.  One phone call and we will be ready to give you our helping hand, and restore your violated right and give you peace.”

Professor Moliterno was present at the workshop and provided his suggestions for how the new course could be refined to ensure maximum impact upon lawyer participants.  The course, mandatory for all bar members, will begin mid-February 2014.


EWMI-JILEP Engages New Georgian Bar Ethics Commission 
(published 11/02/2014)

On February 6, EWMI-JILEP organized a roundtable discussion with the new members of the Georgian Bar Association (GBA)’s Ethics Commission.  Over the course of the last three years, EWMI-JILEP had worked with the previous Commission to help it establish an active and effective oversight and advisory mechanism.  The main purpose of the roundtable was to encourage the new members of the Commission, voted into office in December 2014, to continue the work of their predecessors.


JILEP’s lead expert in the field of legal ethics, Professor James Moliterno of Washington and Lee School of Law, Virginia, USA, attended the session and explained to the new members what steps in his estimation, the Commission needed to take to solidify the progress made thus far in establishing its ‘advisory opinion’ mechanism.  Professor Moliterno noted that by having such a mechanism, which allows bar members to receive ethics advice from the Commission in advance, the GBA can count itself ahead of many bar associations in Western Europe.  The new Chairman of the Ethics Commission, Ms. Tsitsino Tskhvediani, expressed her desire to continue the reforms begun by the previous commission.  Ms. Tskhvediani commented that she had been a member of the Commission back in in 2005 when they were pushing “a cart;” and now that they  had “a Mercedes,” they needed to learn how to drive it.



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