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Prof. Lyman Johnson Speaks at Virginia State Bar Annual Meeting

Lyman Johnson
Prof. Lyman Johnson

Washington and Lee law professor Lyman Johnson spoke at the Virginia State Bar Annual¬†Meeting on June 13, 2014. ¬† The program was titled “Family Feuds, Shareholder Oppression and Judicial Remedies.” ¬†Professor Johnson was joined by William Rakes (Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore LLP), Yama Shansab (Ferguson Walton & Shansab PLLC), and Martha Leary Sotelo (Vaughan Fincher & Sotelo PC) for a multifaceted discussion of the corporate, trust, and psychological issues encountered in the battles for control over Luray Caverns, Disthene, Inc., and the Cavalier Hotel.

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