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Judicature: Invitation to Submit

Judicature, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Judicature Society ( has a new editor, Rorie Spill Solberg, and is taking that occasion broadly to solicit submissions.  Judicature strives to present the best scholarship and commentary on the administration of justice, both civil and criminal, and judicial politics, broadly speaking.

Judicature publishes work from across the social sciences, as well as scholarship and commentary from attorneys, judges, and research organizations. While the journal focuses primarily on the administration of justice in the United States—manuscripts that are global or international in scope, as well as work that is national, local, or examines connections between these levels are welcome. The content of the journal is not subject to restrictions based upon the policy positions of the American Judicature Society.  Judicature is interdisciplinary in focus.

The editor is open to a wide range of analytic approaches including interpretive, historical, quantitative, and multi-method analyses, among others. Applied research on the administration of justice is particularly suited for publication in Judicature.  Judicature also welcomes shorter pieces adapted from works larger in scope.  The readership includes practitioners as well as scholars; contributors should keep this broad audience in mind when crafting their manuscripts for the journal.

Judicature is indexed in Index to Legal PeriodicalsCurrent Law IndexLegal Resource IndexCriminal Justice Periodical Index, and PAIS Bulletin and is available on-line on the WESTLAW service.

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