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Professor Doug Rendleman Defends Nationwide Injunctions Against Executive Branch

Washington and Lee Law professor Doug Rendleman has published a new article in the University of Colorado Law Review, entitled “Preserving the Nationwide National Government Injunction to Stop Illegal Executive Branch Activity.”

Rendleman, a noted expert on legal remedies and civil procedure, argues that criticisms of recent federal trial court rulings to keep the Trump administration from taking certain executive actions anywhere in the country are “incorrect, unconvincing, overstated, or true only some of the time.” Drawing on principles of separation of powers, jurisdiction, and judicial review, he defends a federal judge’s ability to grant nationwide injunctions against the government if necessary to protect plaintiffs’ rights and to suppress defendants’ lawbreaking.

“This Article expresses a sense of urgency about the federal courts’ role in curbing the Trump Administration’s improper measures,” Rendleman writes. “It combines opposition to the incumbent President with respect for the federal courts.”

Rendleman joined W&L Law in 1987 and is the Robert E.R. Huntley Professor of Law. His scholarship and teaching focus on topics of civil procedure and remedies, and he is author of the casebook Remedies: Cases and Materials and the treatise Enforcement of Judgments and Liens in Virginia.

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