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Professor Kish Parella Writes Chapter on Corporate Governance and International Law

Washington and Lee law professor Kish Parella has authored a chapter for A Research Agenda for Corporate Law, a forthcoming book edited by Christopher Bruner and Marc Moore and published by Edward Elgar.

A working version of Parella’s chapter, “The Symbiosis between Corporate Governance & International Law,” is available on SSRN. The chapter examines how international law and corporate governance share a special relationship, with each offering ways to address shortcomings in the other. For example, although international law norms are often under-enforced by individual governments, corporations can address this by integrating international law into board oversight, management practices, and contract design. Parella posits that a variety of stakeholder mechanisms can apply international law norms to corporate governance to make this symbiosis effective.

Kish Parella is the Class of 1960 Professor of Ethics and Law at W&L, where she teaches a range of upper level and first-year courses on corporate and transnational law topics, contracts, and torts. Her scholarship focuses on international economic law, organizational theory, and corporate social responsibility.

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